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Connecting through collaboration

In the Dutch TechZone, the focus is on stimulating the manufacturing industry and promoting excellent craftsmanship in the region of Borger-Odoorn, Coevorden, Emmen, Hardenberg, and Hoogeveen. Our main goal is to create a fertile environment where businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies collaborate to strengthen each other and promote craftsmanship.

We believe that by pooling our resources and sharing expertise, we are collectively stronger and can stimulate innovation. Companies in the region collaborate with educational institutions and research centers to leverage and apply the latest technological developments. This not only promotes the growth and competitive position of the companies but also the personal and professional development of individuals in the region.

The region

The Dutch TechZone is a region covering the territories of the municipalities of Borger-Odoorn, Coevorden, Emmen, Hardenberg, and Hoogeveen. In this region, entrepreneurs, knowledge, educational institutions, and the government collaborate to sustainably strengthen the economy in the region. The focus is on the manufacturing industry. In the DTZ, we adopt a broad interpretation of the manufacturing industry, which means that not only High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) but also industrial production processes in the sectors of (sustainable) energy and (green) chemistry fall under the manufacturing industry in the region. The efforts to strengthen and expand the industrial position of the region thus have a broad character and align with the northern and national efforts in that regard.



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